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Knowing how to roll an efficient joint is empowering, and saves you from wasting flowers in a baggy, loose cigarette that could potentially run a flame down the side. When you learn a few easy tricks, you’ll find joints are easier to roll and will burn more smoothly! Not having to use a “roller” to make a beautiful joint is a valuable skill that also gives you a little street cred, which never hurt anyone.

Grind your plant material in a grinder for greater consistency and ease, removing the stems. (Obviously.) If your plant material is dry like this desiccated pile of flowers I have here, you can put a tiny slice of citrus rind in a glass jar with your flowers, put on the lid, and shortly thereafter your flowers will have regained pliability and won’t crumble as much.


Cut a small piece of cardstock paper, or any sturdy paper that is thicker than copy paper, into a tiny strip about this size. This is your crutch. Having a crutch makes your joint way easier to roll, and gives the structure a solid foundation to place your lips. It also helps decrease the unpleasant risk of accidentally inhaling plant debris.


You’ll want the crutch about this size. Exact measurements aren’t important.


Roll it into a little tube like so...


 Roll your tiny tube kind of tightly so it won’t unroll, but not so tightly that there isn’t space in the center.


Place your crutch into the rolling paper. The glue strip is at the top. Hold the paper in your hand with your thumb over the paper in the center of your palm, index and pinky finger lift slightly, making a little trough for the rolling paper to be supported.


Place your finely ground plant material in the channel and use the index finger of the right hand and the thumb on the left side of the paper to keep the crutch in place and push the plant matter back toward the center as you begin to roll. Evenly distribute the flowers in the channel.


For an even better joint than this, you’ll want to grind your flowers more than is shown, and remove all tiny stems. I see stems in this joint! Faulty. You want to remove those to avoid harsh hits, lumps and potentially poking holes into the paper. It allows for a more even burn also so your flame won’t run down one side.


You don’t want to be in a rush with this or you’ll spill a lot and get frustrated. Like anything, the more often you practice rolling joints, the better each one will be than the last. 


 Holding the structure is one of the hardest parts. 


 Squeeze the tops of the paper together, and use your index fingers and thumbs to hold the paper closed. Roll the thumbs and squeeze the plant material between your fingers and thumbs to create an even column. This is probably the most important part of the process, taking your time and being sure that the flowers are evenly distributed and rolled into a nice, pretty tight, evenly cylindrical column.


This part right here is the moment of truth! Use your right thumbnail to roll the right bottom corner of the paper down so that it lays on the crutch and rolls down, away from you, along the curved shape of the paper crutch tube. 


You want to make sure that bottom right corner of the rolling paper does not get folded up. The tighter and more precise you can make that beginning roll, the better the whole joint will be. So your thumb is on the rolling paper, the corner is tucked perfectly around that crutch, and then you start to tightly roll the joint, pressing your thumbs up while rolling the rest of your fingers down behind the joint. Rolling the right side where the crutch is first, then making your way toward the left, making sure that entire bottom lip of the paper curls around the plant material. You want to make sure that entire bottom edge of the rolling paper does NOT bend and fold up toward you, that it rolls down behind the flowers. This will ensure your joint isn’t baggy or loose. Keep squeezing and rolling between your fingers, and once you have it tightly rolled all the way up, lick the glue strip at the top and seal it tightly, making your way from the right side to the left, pressing the edge of the paper down with your fingers.


See how that bottom edge of the paper is still sticking up? That needs to wrap around the plant material and point down and away from your face. Once that bottom lip is tucked in, hold tightly and roll from the right side toward the left, holding the whole joint with both hands like you did while filling the channel.


This picture is proof I didn’t quite get the first roll perfect. See the baggy fold under my right thumb? WIth more plant material in the channel and better hand rolling to create that column of evenly distributed plant material, the paper would have folded downward around that crutch more smoothly. It still works though and is still an efficient joint, because of the consistent tight roll I’m about to show you in this next pic…


You’re past the hard part once you’ve got the proper roll happening! Keep it tight, lick the edge of the joint paper and press the right side of the paper down first. 


 Use the back of a paint brush or any other item that can help shove the plant matter back into the front of the joint. The end with the crutch is where you will inhale, the other end you can roll up to keep the plant material inside. So use the edge of the paintbrush or pen or whatever, to shove any runaway flowers into the end and pack ‘em down. Roll the remaining paper between your fingers to make like a wick to burn like so.


Packing it all in there tightly, closing off the end!


Here you have a beautiful joint you can feel proud to share with friends that won’t run!


You can also use a “doob tube” which is a plastic tube with a lid that can be found storing your cannabis oil cartridges or pre-rolled joints for ease of traveling, so you don’t accidently squash your creation! Hope this helps you learn to make joints you can feel proud of! Enjoy!

gallery/how to roll